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Modular kitchen

A modular kitchen incorporates quality cabinet modules that promote the efficient utilization of every inch in the kitchen. We give you a modular kitchen that showcases both modern aesthetics and better functionality and makes your home tidier and more organized.


When it comes to you home, then you cannot ignore any of its element. If you want your living room to look like perfection, hire our living room service. If you want to give your bedroom a certain theme, connect with Palette Architect & Interiors for an impeccable Bedroom design service. Why go for the rest when you can have the best.

Living and Dining Room

Your living room is the focal point of your abode. Take the help of Palette Architect and Interiors can help you. We will spruce up your living space within a budget. We help you create a space that makes your home look truly artistic.

Wooden Flooring

Wood floors do not just impart a touch of elegance to your home, but also a bit of warmth. Being durable is another significant reason why homeowners choose to prefer solid wood flooring.

False ceiling

If you want to give a sophisticated look to your interiors, employ us for giving the top-notch service of false ceiling. Its aesthetic quality decreases the noise pollution of the above floors.


When it comes to painting your home, you can completely trust us. Our painting service will transform the whole look of your abode by making it more visually-alluring.

Tile & Marble Work

Nothing can surpass the look of natural marble tiles. Marble is hard-wearing and resistant to shattering. It’s durability is to die for. For the impeccable Tile and marble work, you can trust our company blindly.

Glass Work

Do you want the maximum natural light in your home? If yes, then Glass allows natural light and heat to enter the house. It adds a striking feature to the building.

Plumbing Work

Leaky pipes, broken faucets can cause mold growth and tarnish the property of your residential property. Hire the plumbers to get rid of plumbing issues and save your home from major problems.

Electrical work

When it comes to electrical appliances or anything associated with electricity, it gets necessary to be cautious. We are well-capable of performing all sorts of electrical work without making you face any trouble.

Mosquito Mesh Sliding Doors

Is it getting harder to sleep properly because mosquitoes keep humming in your ear? Hire professionals to install mesh sliding doors and inhibit mosquitoes from entering your house.

Stone Cladding Work

The natural stones can render a classic and chic look to your house, which in turn boosts the price of your property. While the stone cladding's are mostly mounted for the aesthetic purpose, it also offers insulation to your rooms.


Do you want to give a makeover to your living room without burning a hole in your pocket? If yes, then wallpaper installation can make a significant difference. Connect with us today for this service.

Interior Curtains

In summer, when the curtains are closed, the room remains cool. In winters, they keep the room warm and cozy. You also get an added privacy.

Shower cubicle

Nobody likes to take shower in a messy bathroom. To keep your things in an organized manner, it is advisable to have a Shower cubicle installed in your bathroom. It will also boost its functionality.
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